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Bio Pro®

In the pharmaceutical and food processing industries, down time is not desirable. Sterilization cycles are carried out in the shortest possible time with high concentrations of the bio--prochemicals, high temperatures and increased flow through velocities. With these requirements the limits of the elastomer sealing properties are quickly reached. GYLON BIO-LINE® PTFE seals offers a new sealing material for all temperatures and processes.

GYLON BIO-PRO® Highly Resistant Hygienic Gasket for TRI-CLAMP Couplings

TRI-CLAMP connections are the standard connection in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Seals of varying quality and materials are often used regardless of their suitability for constantly increasing operating parameters.

GYLON BIO-PRO® seals offer a safe solution with its modified and restructured PTFE material, pre-formed and stress controlled, for all TRI-CLAMP standards. It is dimensionally stable and resists intrusion.  Specifications (pdf)

For more information on the Bio-Pro® Line of quality seals for the pharmaceutical and food processing industries, contact Stallings Industries.